Underworld, Heller and Farley, and the Misterons - "Baby Wants to Ride" (audio)

In memory of the legendary DJ and producer Frankie Knuckles, a team of English artists -- Underworld, Heller and Farley, the Misterons -- have covered his "Baby Wants to Ride".

Last spring, the world lost an inimitable talent when Frankie Knuckles passed away at age 59 from complications related to Type II Diabetes. To pay their musical respects to the man, Underworld, Heller and Farley, and the Misterons have put together an unsurprisingly groovy cover of Knuckles' "Baby Wants to Ride". The track will be available to download and purchase on 12" vinyl; the former is out now, while the latter's UK release date is set for 13 April. All proceeds from the single will benefit the Frankie Knuckles Fund which is associated with the Elton John Aids Foundation.

Elton John said of the song when it was released, "It's fabulous. I have always LOVED [sic] Underworld. This is a great track and tribute to Frankie. Thanks to everyone involved from me and everyone at the Elton John AIDS Foundation.”

Listen to "Baby Wants to Ride" below:

You can pre-order the vinyl at this link.

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