Chaser Eight – ‘Chaser Eight’ (album stream) (Premiere)

Connecticut rock outfit Chaser Eight forge "an infinite circle of visual sound" with their debut self-titled album.

Following their recent TV debut on WTNH’s Connecticut Style Stage 8, the rock quintet Chaser Eight has continued to rise in their native Connecticut music scene. With their debut self-titled LP, the group is poised to continue growing both in artistic skill and public appreciation. The impressive pipes of frontwoman *AUDRA* make a distinct impression right out of the gate, but the four men who back her are no slouches. The interplay is tight as the band’s ambitions are large.

*AUDRA* tells PopMatters the following about the album: “This album, Chaser Eight, is the most honest work we’ve ever done. You want the truth about us? This is it; left out there for the listener in the most cathartic and dynamic way possible. It’s dark. It’s fun. It’s edgy. It’s energetic. Everyone can relate to something on this album.”

*AUDRA* caught the attention of Andrew Loog Oldham, famed producer of the Rolling Stones, at a performance one evening. Stream Chaser Eight below and you’ll see why.

Chaser Eight will be released on 17 February.