Country Fried Rock: Steve Earle Interview

Publicity photo courtesy of New West Records

Steve Earle's new album, Terraplane, takes this lyrical master down to his Texas blues roots.

Steve Earle channels his Texas blues roots with his latest album, Terraplane -- named for the noted song by Robert Johnson, but known to me in the well-circulated Canned Heat live tapes. Referencing everyone from Lightning Hopkins to Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Earle interviews himself, but doesn't get caught up in his script. He deftly name drops his own stint in jail, averting some questions by glossing over them and moving on so quickly that the pace is disrupted when going back to pick up dropped threads of thought. Earle respects those with whom he works, highlighting Chris Masterson's (previously featured here on Country Fried Rock) role in developing this blues trail during sound checks.

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