Megafauna - "This Town" (video) (Premiere)

The video for "This Town" captures Megafauna's prime ability to write an infectious and sharp riff.

Maximalist, the 2014 album by Megafauna, is a distinct step forward forward for this Austin, Texas trio. The record's prog inclinations never hinder the preponderance of catchy hooks and riffs from coming through; on cuts like "Hug From a Robot", frontwoman Dani Neff's guitar playing is both impressive from a technical angle and conducive to getting the body moving -- the perfect mix of brainy and brawny.

Below you can view the new video for the Maximalist cut "This Town", which features a similarly cool riff and a healthy dose of body paint.

Neff tells PopMatters about the video: "Stephanie Chavez, my friend and co-director, and I wanted to explore how much all of us are imprinted by daily interactions. In the end we decided there has to be a way to take control and be the master of your own destiny. We had a blast shooting that last scene. I was absolutely COVERED in paint."

Maximalist is out now via Danimal Kingdom.

The band is touring with Cursive at the dates below:

Wed Feb 25 -- El Paso, TX Tricky Falls

Fri Feb 27 -- Austin, TX Mohawk

Sat Feb 28 -- Dallas, TX Trees

Sun Mar 01 -- Houston, TX Fitzgeralds (Upstairs)

Tue Mar 03 -- Orlando, FL The Social

Wed Mar 04 -- Atlanta, GA The Earl

Thu Mar 05 -- Carrboro, NC Cat's Cradle

Stream and purchase Maximalist via Bandcamp below:

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