Kin Cayo – “Wrong Guy” (audio) (Premiere)

With Animal Collective-esque vocal harmonies and a relaxed, island-ready rhythm, "Wrong Guy" is a spot-on lead-in to the group's forthcoming album.

Kin Cayo, meaning “family of small islands”, more than live up to their name. Both in rhythm and in melody they evoke an idyllic island environment, where one can put on the tunes with nothing to worry about other than keeping the piña coladas coming along. Such is true for this South Florida band’s newest track, “Wrong Guy”, which features reverbbed vocals a la Animal Collective and a swaying bass rhythm. As the song reaches its climax and the rhythm picks up, a strummed acoustic guitar enters, reinforcing the tropical vibes that emit from Kin Cayo’s songwriting.

The band tells PopMatters about the tune, “‘Wrong Guy’ was inspired by the struggle with my own nagging sense of failures and doubt. It’s about a reluctant antihero, who’s had a sordid past and knows he’s not a good guy, and therefore, thinks he’s not qualified for the mission he’s been called to and is trying to avoid it all together. However, it’s in his admission of weakness that he starts to find strength. It’s in challenging his own doubts that he starts to trust. It’s a strange paradox.”

Kin Cayo’s debut album will be out in April.