My Body - "All I Can" (video) (Premiere)

Film noir meets jagged electronic beats in the latest music video by the Brooklyn synth-pop duo My Body, "All I Can".

My Body is the name of the duo of Jordan Bagnall and Darren Bridenbeck, a Brooklyn-based songwriting team. The classically-trained Bagnall leads up the project, taking up the lead vocals and primary producing/songwriting duties. The duo recently released its EP 6 Wives, which you can stream courtesy of Earmilk. While the EP's title suggests a future regrettable reality TV show, the music contained within is entirely of the spirit of the moment both in the band's native Brooklyn and the trends within indie at the moment, with electronic instrumentation and catchy hooks at the fore.

Below you can view the video for the 6 Wives cut "All I Can", which is given a noirish, somewhat psychedelic video treatment that's quite befitting.

"All I Can":

6 Wives is out now.

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