Kill My Coquette – “3rd & Bonnie Brae” (video) (Premiere)

The Los Angeles rock 'n' roll outfit Kill My Coquette brings Breaking Bad and Scarface actor Steven Bauer on for their latest music video, "3rd & Bonnie Brae", an examination of the seedy side of Los Angeles.

From bleak crime films like Collateral and Drive to the fiction of authors like James Ellroy, Los Angeles is a regular subject of art that examines the morally grey and black. The LA-based rock outfit Kill My Coquette, fronted by Natalie Denise Sperl, has now thrown its hat into that ring with its newest music video, “3rd & Bonnie Brae”, taken from its recently released self-titled EP. Kill My Coquette EP was recorded at Evelyn Martin Recordings in Los Angeles, with production taken up by Danny McGough, who has worked with artists such as Tom Waits and Social Distortion. The band brought on another noteworthy name to create the crime thriller of a music video for “3rd & Bonnie Brae”, the actor Steven Bauer, notable for his supporting turns in Breaking Bad and Scarface.

Sperl explains the influences behind the video to PopMatters: “I love vintage footage of gangster films: whodunits, shoot ’em ups, film noir, etc. I’m a big fan of Tarantino films in particular, and for the video concept we thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to combine an element of American classic cinema with a modern spin to it?’ We came up with a basic plot: a girl owed money, and a gangster is hot on her trail. We thought about the right actor to play the Big Boss Man, and got the script to Steven Bauer who was amazing as Don Eladio in Breaking Bad, and incredible in Scarface and Ray Donovan. We knew he’d be perfect, and fortunately he loved the idea. The video turned out great and was such a blast to make.”

Kill My Coquette EP is out now.