Elliphant: One More

An EP that'll stay with you...even if you don't have an elephant's memory.
One More
TEN Music Group

Now that Azealia Banks has finally released her debut album, Broke with Expensive Taste, Swedish electronic star and rapper Elliphant has assumed the mantle of “biggest underground star without an LP”. With her latest EP, One More, Elliphant expresses a more relaxed and melancholy side of herself and her music than ever before. The eponymous “One More”, with its pleading chorus, is one of the most riveting songs in her entire catalogue, a fact that is due in no small part to guest vocalist MǾ.

The anthemic “Purple Light” and the hedonistic “Never Been in Love” further exemplify a more subdued and world-weary Elliphant, one who isn’t as demonstrative and in-your-face as she once was, but one who is wiser and more self-assured as an artist. Prior to the release of One More, the question had always been whether or not she could sustain a full LP. Now, the better question is this: why hasn’t she released a full LP already?

RATING 7 / 10