The Demigs - "Melamine" (audio) (Premiere)

Catchy guitar riffs and political acumen make up the new tune by the Denton, Texas outfit the Demigs, "Melamine".

The '90s indie vibe is strong with the Demigs, a rock group that hails from Denton, Texas. This vibe is quite apparent on the tune "Melamine", a clean guitar-driven number off of their forthcoming double LP, the 20-song Welcome to Hard Times. With sonic corollaries that include ones atypical to the indie realm, namely the New Zealand-based "kiwi rock" of groups like the Clean and the 3-Ds, the Demigs have a distinctive sound that's matched by their political savvy. In addition to the issues tackled by "Melamine" specifically (read more on that below), the quartet has also taken a stance against fracking in their native Texas.

Singer/guitarist Chris Demiglio tells PopMatters about the track, “'Melamine' is the embodiment of the deteriorating world in which we live. Weaving through allusions to the 2008 Chinese Milk Scandal, in which thousands were poisoned by the addition of the chemical melamine to milk and infant formula, the song painstakingly reminds the listener of the seemingly irreversible path humans are faithlessly blazing.”

Welcome to Hard Times is out on 14 April via I Love Math Records.

Catch the Demigs at any of these upcoming tour dates:

03/14 - Denton, TX @ The Labb - 35 Denton Festival

04/03 - Dallas, TX @ Double Wide

04/05 - Dallas, TX @ Deep Ellum Arts Fest

04/09 - Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves

04/10 - Ft. Worth, TX @ Shipping and Receiving

04/11 - Dallas, TX @ Curtain Club

05/29 - Ft. Worth, TX @ Shipping and Receiving

06/05 - Monroe, Louisiana @ Trial Bar

06/06 - Jackson, Mississippi @ Ole Tavern

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