The Rua - "I'm OK" (video) (Premiere)

The final installment of PopMatters' six week series on the UK up-and-comers of the Rua concludes with an upbeat number about moving on and being confident in oneself, "I'm OK".

For the past six weeks, PopMatters has debuted video track-by-track breakdowns of the music of the Rua, an all-sibling trio comprised of 22-year old Roseanna Brown (voice and guitar), 24-year old Alanna Brown (piano and backing vocals) and 19-year old Jonathan Brown (violin, guitar, vocals and backing vocals). With their emotive and often epic brand of pop, the Rua have already made a splash in their native United Kingdom with their debut LP Essence. In just two short weeks, that record will make its way stateside.

In this final look behind the scenes of Essence, the trio explains a bit about the song "I'm OK", an appropriately upbeat and forward-looking way to end this exclusive look at the music of Essence.

Essence is set for a St. Patrick's Day release in the United States, 17 March, via FOD.

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