Jeremy and the Harlequins – “You’re My Halo” (video) (Premiere)

The New York City rock outfit Jeremy and the Harlequins channel the spirit of '50s rock 'n' roll and turn it on its head with their latest music video.

Their music brings a good, old-fashioned ’50s American diner to mind. Their outfits suggest that they’re currently prepping a revival of Grease. But with the music video to “You’re My Halo”, the New York City rockers of Jeremy and the Harlequins take those idyllic archetypes of American life and give them a devilish twist — one might call it “Mephistopheles noir”.

“You’re My Halo” comes from Jeremy and the Harlequins’ recently released American Dreamer, which is currently streaming in full via The Deli.

Fury tells PopMatters about the video: “It’s the underbelly of classic, feel good Americana; as if ’50s nostalgia skipped the drive in and plunged head first into the Dungeon.”

American Dreamer is out now. You can purchase the album via iTunes.