Wake Up Lucid - "White Collar Love" (video) (Premiere)

For sleazy, scuzzy rock that sounds like it became sentient in the sewers of Los Angeles, the wicked distortion of Wake Up Lucid's "White Collar Love" fits the bill brilliantly.

The Los Angeles rock trio Wake Up Lucid specialize in a certain kind of distortion. This band's rock 'n' roll is the sort that thrives at night, when the streetlights flicker and the smell of cigarettes and whiskey wafts out of dive bars. Tunes like "White Collar Love" thrive on a kind of energy that's captivated by the possibilities of the night and all of its dark mystery. That tune, both in mood and its sonic qualities, brings to mind the last two releases by fellow Angelenos the Icarus Line, Avowed Slavery (2014) and Slave Vows (2013). The similarity is no mere coincidence or critical invention, however, as the Icarus Line's frontman Joe Cardamone is responsible for producing Wake Up Lucid's newest LP, Gone With the Night, which was recorded at his studio in Burbank, California.

"White Collar Love" now has a hall-of-mirrors music video to boost its intensity, which you can view exclusively below.

Wake Up Lucid tells PopMatters about the song and its video, "'White Collar Love' is us just letting loose. We didn’t set out to write this song or try and take it too seriously, it came about while we were warming up at rehearsal and had so much energy and lust within it that we had to put it on the EP."

Gone With the Night is out on 31 March via WUL.

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