The Sideshow Tragedy – “Number One” (audio) (Premiere)

"Number One" is the opening number off of the new album by the bluesy roots rockers the Sideshow Tragedy, Capital.

The Austin, Texas duo the Sideshow Tragedy, comprised of Nathan Singleton (vocals, resonator guitar) and Jeremy Harrell (drums), will release their fifth studio LP, Capital, this May. The album was produced by Kenny Siegal, an Independent Music Award-winning musician. The Sideshow Tragedy’s brand of rock ‘n’ roll draws from the well of the blues and country, a sound that’s an undeniable product of the duo’s native Texas.

Below you can stream the Capital number “Number One”, whose tasty riffs and outlaw country-esque mood provide ample foreshadowing for the release of the record.

Singleton tells PopMatters this about “Number One” and “Capital”: “This was the first song written for the album, and thematically it sets the tone for what the rest of the songs deal with. It’s beyond partisan politics or culture wars; on one hand it’s philosophical, and on the other it’s basic, elemental human being problems. I just feel that our culture often tends to value ‘winning’, as if we’re all in a big competition, and we focus on protecting ourselves from each other instead of helping each other. We buy weapons and huge tank-like automobiles to feel ‘safe’ and ‘tough’, but that seems illusory to me because I don’t think anyone is secure when such a large portion of people are broke, disenfranchised and desperate.”

Capital is out on Old Soul in the US and CRS in Europe on 5 May.

Catch the Sideshow Tragedy on tour at any of the following dates:

03/27 — Fort Worth, TX — Lola’s

03/28 — Denton, TX — The LABB

05/15 — Tyler, TX — Stanley’s BBQ

05/16 — Richardson, TX — Wildflower Festival

05/19 — Little Rock, AR — Whitewater Tavern

05/20 — Knoxville, TN — Preservation Pub

05/22 — New York, NY — Rockwood Music Hall

w/ Johnny Society (CD RELEASE SHOW)

05/24 — Washington D.C. — Electric Maid

05/26 — Nashville, TN — The Five Spot

05/26 — Nashville, TN — The Five Spot

05/27 — Birmingham, AL — The Nick

05/29 — Starkville, MS — Dave’s Darkhorse Tavern

05/30 — Ocean Springs, MS — Government Street Grocery

Splash and thumbnail images by Michael Craft.