Debbie Harry Begins Café Carlyle Run

New York icon Debbie Harry begins her run of performances at Café Carlyle this week.

New York and music icon, Debbie Harry (pictured above at this year's Tibet House Benefit at Carnegie Hall) will be debuting her residency at the Café Carlyle, the esteemed Upper East Side music spot this week. Earlier this year, the establishment hosted Bettye LaVette and Buster Poindexter, in a space that allows audiences to share in an intimate performance and a unique evening. Anyone attending one of Harry's shows shouldn't expect anything different.

As Harry told Time Out, "I’m gonna do all the songs that I never get to do with Blondie -- the more romantic songs, mostly from my solo albums, and a few cover songs. It will be, I hope, a very interactive kind of thing, because I don’t often get to be so close to the audience, almost at a conversational level." She continues to discuss the New York scene and other singers of interest. You can read the rest of her interview at the previous link.

Debbie Harry graces the stage from March 24th to April 4 but unfortunately all dates are sold out given such high expectations. However, Café Carlyle has been known to bring back artists, as they did with Poindexter, so it's worth keeping an eye out on their schedule. Visit the Café Carlyle site to get details on other upcoming performances including Lena Hall (minus Tits of Clay), fresh from her run in Hedwig on Broadway, Megan Hilty and Alan Cumming.

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