George Ezra: Wanted on Voyage

In Wanted on Voyage, George Ezra makes his mark on the industry as a worthy addition to fill a dense void in the post-folk movement.
George Ezra
Wanted on Voyage

If you were to observe George Ezra on the streets, with his boyish good looks and low-key demeanor, chances are you wouldn’t have guessed the booming bass vocal that could emanate from his wiry body. Ezra is the latest in a growing line of British singer-songwriters to break out into the mainstream, and with good reason; his gritty, emotive lyricism and vocals are very welcome to not only fill the void in the current post-folk movement era, but to innovate upon it.

Much like Paolo Nutini, Ezra delivers each song on his debut record, Wanted on Voyage, with the crooning soul and experience of a man thrice his age. He also maintains a Lumineers-esque clap-along vibe oftentimes accentuating witty lyricism that wouldn’t look out of place on the Roud Folk Song Index. All of these factors amalgamate to make Wanted on Voyage one of the most listenable releases of 2015 thus far, and Ezra another verifiably worthy addition to the league of starlet songwriters of today.

RATING 7 / 10