Peter Katz: We Are the Reckoning

The Juno nominee proves that he still has what it takes to innovate in We Are the Reckoning.

Peter Katz

We Are the Reckoning

Label: Self-released
US Release Date: 2015-03-27
UK Release Date: 2015-03-27
Artist website

Since his 2012 Juno Award nomination, Canadian singer-songwriter Peter Katz has quietly ascended to the role of staple troubadour, making leaps and bounds through the industry with achievements those signed to traditional labels can’t say that they’ve managed, and all through means of grassroots campaigns. His latest release, We Are the Reckoning, envelopes his stylings as a modern age jongleur, with simplistic, gentle chord structures overlaid unto the equally as soothing vocal that fans have come to know quite well since 2010’s First of the Last to Know.

Still, Katz manages to maintain his role as an innovator of his craft, introducing instrumentation that, as still and calculated as it may be, also comes across as heartfelt and organic. This comes to ahead in “Brother”, featuring Royal Wood, which might just be Katz’s most sincere and emotive single release yet. He reaches newer, soaring heights on "When the Day is Done" and wears his heart readily on his sleeve in the beautiful "Dark" and "Story You Forgot".


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