OWEL – “Every Good Boy Does Fine” + EP Announcement (audio) (Premiere)

The New Jersey group OWEL takes the classic '60s pop formula, cranks the violin up to ten, and gets a terrific tune as a result: "Every Good Boy Does Fine", the title track off their new EP.

There’s really only one way to describe the title track of the New Jersey band OWEL’s forthcoming EP, Every Good Boy: a darn good pop tune. Right from the outset, it tips its cap to the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and the other luminaries of ’60s pop with its vocal harmonies. Where it really gets traction, however, is its violin riff, a bold and catchy thing that grabs you and draws you into this sun-bathed number. “Every Good Boy Does Fine” is the kind of upbeat, infectious tune that shows just how much the world of pop music has left to mine from the respective playbooks of the Beach Boys and the Beatles. Years later, their styles still feel fresh. OWEL has done their homework when it comes to songwriting, and the payoff shows splendidly with the new EP.

Every Good Boy EP follows OWEL’s 2013 self-titled debut. The EP was produced by Mike Watts, who has also worked with As Tall As Lions, the Dear Hunter, As Cities Burn, Tides of Man, and several others.

The band tells PopMatters about the tune, “It seemed fitting to put ‘Every Good Boy Does Fine’ out as the first single. The song deals with the polarity of looking at your future with starry eyes and the sobering realization that maybe you’ve been holding onto unrealistic expectations. Still, you choose to soldier on and give it your best shot, much like how we went about this EP.”

Every Good Boy EP is out on 28 April via intheclouds. The EP will be available on oxblood/bone vinyl, limited to 300 units worldwide; it will also be available via most major digital retailers. You can pre-order the EP via intheclouds at this link.

A music video for “Every Good Boy Does Fine” will be released in the coming months.