Lila Rose - "World on Fire" (video) (Premiere)

Dark, serpentine electronic rhythms define the newest music video by the San Francisco artist Lila Rose.

A hallucinatory reverie of shadow-obscured images makes up the music video to Lila Rose's "World on Fire". The San Francisco artist is set to release her new full-length player, WE.ANIMALS., in mid-April. As the declarative all-caps of the album's title hints at, the LP expresses Rose's vision for a more unitive existence between humankind and the rest of the animal kingdom.

Rose tells PopMatters about the tune and the aforementioned vision, "'World on Fire' is one of the first tracks to be released off of my coming album, WE.ANIMALS. For me, 'World on Fire' demonstrates the broad concept from which I wrote the album, thematically speaking: that is the Earth and its myriad of creatures. This song and video in particular deal with more of the crisis we are being faced with as an Earth dwelling species. It is my own intense, dark, cinematic way of releasing some of that angst and introspection about the state of our beloved Earth, and also a desire to literally plant seeds for some kind of a gentler, more loving future."

WE.ANIMALS., which was partially funded through a Kickstarter campaign, is out on 14 April.

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