Mat Shoare - "Murder" (video) (Premiere)

The bleak lyrical musings of "Murder" are made all the more jarring by Shoare's calm, measured vocal delivery.

Mat Shoare doesn't sound like a murderer. Paradoxically, that's what makes "Murder", a track off his forthcoming Right as Rain LP, all the more creepy. With its tense, staccato 4/4 guitar riff, the tune is designed to crawl its way slowly up your spine as Shoare spins his malevolent yarn. The chiaroscuro music video to "Murder", which you can view exclusively below, enhances this bleakness to an even greater degree.

Shoare tells PopMatters, “The video is meant to mirror the emotions that I intended the song to provoke. Slow and methodical. Dark and determined. Yet still beautiful in some twisted way.”

Right as Rain is out on 5 May.

Splash image of Shoare by Carlos Lima.

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