Colorway – “Come Back July” (audio) (Premiere)

Those still recovering from the bitter winter months, particularly in America's Northeast region, will find much to relate to in Colorway's ode to summertime, "Come Back July".

As countless weather reports and Buzzfeed listicles can attest, the Northeast region of America had a tough winter this year. No better time, then, for the new tune by the Northampton, Massachusetts band Colorway, called “Come Back July”. Written between 9PM 31 July and midnight 1 August of 2014, this simple yet catchy rock number is an honest plea for a time where one doesn’t have to take a Himalayan trek to get outside of one’s own home. For lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter F. Alex Johnson, this is “the time of the year when my little slice of the world feels the most alive — before it leaves us all for another twelve months.”

“Come Back July” is featured on Colorway’s upcoming studio LP, The Black Sky Sequined.

Johnson tells PopMatters more about the song, “The seasons of New England are surely an emotional roller coaster (as witnessed by the most recent Hoth-esque winter), but it’s the one I call home. And once the fireworks go off on the Fourth of July you better start taking pictures because as soon as August hits the high is gonna fade fast. So at 9PM on July 31st, I decided to give myself the challenge to write a love song for this near perfect month before the clock hit midnight and it left me for another year. Half of the songs on the new album came from theme music playing in the background of my dreams; this one came from a deadline, and I liked having the timer running, not thinking too much and just letting it all go.”

The Black Sky Sequined is out on 5 May.