Basic Shapes – “Shining Armor” (video) (Premiere)

The music video to the buoyant bit of synth-pop that is "Shining Armor" pays homage to Azealia Banks's "212" video.

Featuring an ultra-catchy chorus hook and synths that bring LCD Soundsystem to mind, “Shining Amor” is a capture of the Brooklyn trio Basic Shapes’ sharp pop sensibility and sense of fun. The latter particularly comes out in the new music video to “Shining Armor”, which you can view exclusively below. What began as a tribute to an Azealia Banks music video became something else entirely: something goofy, charming, and well within the spirit of the tune itself.

Basic Shapes tells PopMatters a bit about the video: “The video started off as an attempt to make a shot-for-shot remake of Azealia Banks’ video for ‘212’, and ended up as a record of our own weird little apartment party. We’re hoping the kind of weirdness and attitude in the video contrasts nicely with the sweetness of the song.”