Led Zeppelin - "Brandy and Coke (Trampled Under Foot)" (video)

As a tie-in to the recent release of the 40th anniversary edition of Physical Graffiti, Led Zeppelin have released an "interactive video" for "Brandy and Coke", the initial rough mix of the classic "Trampled Under Foot".

In my 8 out of 10 PopMatters review of the deluxe reissue of Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti, I wrote, "Released 40 years to the day since its initial release [24 February], this deluxe edition confirms what critics have long said about this... 'summative' recording: this is an album that gives a lot, and then keeps on giving." As it turns out, this principle not only applies to the revered double album itself, but also to the video media that accompanies it. Led Zeppelin have now released a swanky "interactive" video for one of the deluxe edition's bonus tracks, the "initial rough mix" of "Trampled Under Foot" entitled "Brandy and Coke". As you watch the video, you can click through the many windows of the iconic building that makes up the record's sleeve art.

Watch the video over at Led Zeppelin's official site.

The deluxe edition of Physical Graffiti is out now via Atlantic / Swan Song.


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