Jon Regen - "Home Again" (audio) (Premiere)

This piano-centric lamentation on the alienation of travel comes from singer-songwriter Jon Regen's forthcoming record Stop Time.

The simplicity of "Home Again", a track from Jon Regen's upcoming Stop Time LP, is what allows its lyrical themes to ring clearly. The distinct one-two, one-two of the main piano ostinato creates an almost hypnotic, repetitive effect, over which Regen ponders the externalities that come from a life of travel.

Regen says to PopMatters about the track's place in the context of Stop Time, "'Home Again' was one of the last songs to show up during the writing sessions for my new album Stop Time. My producer, Mitchell Froom, had encouraged me to keep writing until I felt like I was finished, so I kept going almost until we started recording! When you’re a songwriter, often times people will ask you, 'Which comes first, the music or the lyrics?' In the case of ‘Home Again', it was definitely the music.

"I stumbled onto that repeating, drone-like chord progression one day at the piano and I thought to myself, 'That’s unlike anything I’ve ever written before!’ The lyrics followed soon after, in a burst of creative energy late one night in my New York City apartment. I was getting ready to leave for a whirlwind European tour just weeks after getting married, and I started thinking about how for the first time in my life, I actually had a home to miss and come back home to. The line, 'All the miles, all the miles, all the miles still left to go' is an acknowledgement of that feeling of alienation that I think anyone who travels for a living can relate to. In the studio, Mitchell framed my voice and piano in a sonic symphony of keyboards and effects. He took the song to the sky."

Stop Time is out on 28 April via Motema. Watch the trailer for the album below (you can pre-order it at this link):

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