Emil Friis - 'Sand in Your Eyes' (album stream) (Premiere)

Sand In Your Eyes is an evocative example of how, given a distinct mood, an album can become a film in one's mind.

Just shy of a month ago, PopMatters premiered the tune "Lonesome Town" by the Danish musician and film composer Emil Friis, which Friis himself calls "a Coen brothers sonic film". That evaluation holds true for the rest of Sand in Your Eyes, his latest full-length LP. From Dylanesque vocal inflections ("City of Light") to dusty sonic landscapes ("No More Workman's Blues"), Sand In Your Eyes is an evocative example of how an album can become a film in one's mind.

Friis says to PopMatters about the album, "A few years back I was asked to write a song for a French gangster film. That song ended up being 'Sand In Your Eyes'. Everything else that came after that; all the other songs that ended up on the album somehow have their roots in the mood and the sound of that particular song. Listening to it now, you could say all those songs came from some movie soundtrack. It wasn't how I intended it, but I like that it turned out like that.

"Most of it was recorded in an old garage that my friend had turned into a recording studio. We had a great time making this album. Some of the best musicians in Denmark play on it. Even one of Denmark's most acclaimed journalists shows his drumming skills on one of the tracks. But enough said. Remember going to the movies and being totally oblivious to the film you were about to watch? Those are among my most treasured movie memories. If you feel just a fraction of that, I'll know I've done a good job."

Sand in Your Eyes is out this week via Southern Imperial Recordings.

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