Blackfoot Gypsies - "Under My Skin" (video) (Premiere)

Ritualistic chicken murder and devilish uses of a voodoo doll: these are just a few things found in the music video for the swampy blues rock of the Nashville group Blackfoot Gypsies.

The rock 'n' roll of Nashville's own Blackfoot Gypsies sound as if it emerged from brown-green swamp waters. Add a tasteful incorporation of psychedelia in and you've got a potent kind of rock that's made all the more so when married to the band's eclectic visual sense, as you can see in the video to "Under My Skin" below. Taken from the group's forthcoming Handle It LP, "Under My Skin"'s voodoo-centric storyline finds the members of Blackfoot Gypsies facing a bit of a difficulty during a live performance. Warning: there may or may not be chicken blood involved.

Guitarist and vocalist Matthew Paige tells PopMatters, “This video and song show that when you’re under someone’s spell, and you know you’re in their trance, you pay attention when they knock you on the side of the head, and you run when you get the chance.”

Handle It is out on 14 April via Plowboy. You can follow updates on the band via their Facebook page.

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