Night Beds Share New Track, “Tide Teeth” (audio)

The underrated indie outfit Night Beds follows up their folk and country-inflected 2013 gem Country Sleep with a striking electronic track, "Tide Teeth".

Country Sleep, the debut full-length by Night Beds, was one of the under-the-radar stunners of 2013, a collection of ten sorrow-drenched tunes that showcase frontman Winston Yellen’s incredible voice. However, in contrast to the folk and country leanings of that LP, “Me, Liquor, & God”, a track dropped by Night Beds last December, reveals a new side to Yellen’s songwriting, one that brings electronics to the fore.

The same holds true for the just-released tune “Tide Teeth”, which finds Yellen’s voice soaring powerfully over layers of synths. When the beat kicks in halfway through the song, things get amped up to an even greater intensity. “Tide Teeth”‘s enveloping nocturnal ambiance bodes quite well for the next Night Beds release.

“Tide Teeth”:

There is no word yet on the next Night Beds release.

Stream “Me, Liquor, & God” below:

Splash and thumbnail images of the artist from the Night Beds page on Dead Oceans.