Pimps of Joytime - 'Jukestone Paradise' (album stream) (Premiere)

Brooklyn funk and soul outfit Pimps of Joytime create their own "science fiction juke joint" with their riotously fun new LP, Jukestone Paradise. Stream it here exclusively a week before its release.

One obvious question arises when hearing a name like Jukestone Paradise, the new LP by the Brooklyn funk/soul outfit Pimps of Joytime: "What is a 'jukestone paradise', anyhow?" As frontman Brian J told L4LM, it's "It's kind of like a science fiction kind of place that I created in my mind." Although the album may have begun in the mind, now that it's finished and ready for the world to hear -- which you can do below -- the immediate impression of this eminently danceable music is that it's visceral in all of the best ways possible. Grooves like these by their nature get the feet moving, and the convivial atmosphere of the band itself only adds to this. That's not to say the cerebral has entirely left the building, however; as the guitar chops on tracks like "Heart is Wild" evince, these folks know a thing or two on the technical end as well. Simply put, this is party music that knows how to appeal to both the head and the heart.

Brian J tells PopMatters, "It's been a couple years in the making and we are excited to give our fans a first listen to Jukestone Paradise. This album is a slice of vibe from the Pimps sound scape and we look forward to sharing it with you. “

Jukestone Paradise is out on 21 April via Write Home.

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