Jethro Tull – “Cold Wind to Valhalla (BBC Version)” (audio) (Premiere)

Hear an unreleased alternate take on the Minstrel in the Gallery cut "Cold Wind to Valhalla" in lead-up to that album's special edition 40th anniversary release, featuring new mixes by modern prog maestro Steven Wilson.

In 1975, the famously flute-obsessive prog outfit Jethro Tull dropped their eighth studio LP, Minstrel in the Gallery. It would later earn the Gold status, an honor that the band has earned more than once. With it being 2015, 40 years have passed since that release, which means that the time for the requisite anniversary package has come.

For more on the contents of this rather extravagant release and an exclusive stream of a BBC Version of the tune “Cold Wind to Valhalla”, read and listen below.

The deluxe re-release features the following:

— Original album and seven bonus tracks (six previously unreleased), two mixed to 5.1 surround, and all to stereo by Steven Wilson

— Flat transfers of the original LP mix at 96/24 (plus “Summerday Sands”)

— Flat transfer of the original quad mix of the LP (plus “Summerday Sands”)

— An eight-minute film of the band performing “Minstrel In The Gallery” in Paris from July 1975

— Presented in a case-bound DVD book that includes an 80-page booklet featuring an extensive history of the album, track-by-track annotations by Ian Anderson, recollections by roadie Kenny Wylie, Maison Rouge maintenance engineer Pete Smith, and string section member Liz Edwards, plus lyrics, tour itinerary, and rare and unseen photographs

“Cold Wind to Valhalla (BBC Version)”:

The 40th anniversary edition of Minstrel in the Gallery is out on 5 May via Parlophone. You can pre-order the re-release at this link.