SLV – “Heartbreaker” (video) (Premiere)

Rotoscope-esque visuals meet bouncy synthpop in the latest video from the Brooklyn duo SLV.

Sandra Lilia Velásquez (of Pistolera fame, on vocals, keyboards, guitar) and Sean Dixon (drums, bass, programming) are the force behind the SLV acronym. The Brooklyn-based duo have readied a full-length debut, This Kind, which will be available to the world soon in the coming weeks. Before you experience the full album, you can immerse yourself in the creative visuals of “Heartbreaker”, the video of which you can stream exclusively below. The distinctive animation style, crafted by Velásquez herself (she conceptualized, film, and edited the video), brings to mind the “rotoscoping” technique utilized most famously by Richard Linklater in his films Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly.

Velásquez tells PopMatters about the video, “I had a strong idea for what I wanted the video to look like: a juxtaposition of us playing the song with kung-fu fighting with an animated look. We spent two hours in a dance studio in NYC setting up cameras and doing takes from different angles. I learned how to edit during the process of making this video.”

This Kind is available on 5 May.