Country Fried Rock: Mic Harrison and the High Score

Knoxville, Tennessee country legend Con Hunley, collaborated with roots rock regional favorites, Mic Harrison and the High Score, on a special 7" for charity with Waynestock.

Mic Harrison and the High Score started as the merging of a backing band for Harrison's solo work, but has become a band in itself over the years. After John Paul Keith moved on from the regionally beloved band the V-Roys to pursue his solo career, Harrison stepped in and joined the band for their run of albums on Steve Earle's former label and cemented themselves in Southeastern roots rock clubs. (Former V-Roys member Scott Miller is also an alumnus of Country Fried Rock.)

Mic Harrison and the High Score have hit a balance, juggling reasonable day jobs to support their families with high-intensity shows and openers across the region on weekends. Such is the reality for many musicians, saving enough money to either tour or record an album, but always making new music to feed their souls. With an unusual collaboration with the regional traditional country legend Con Hunley, the band is continuing to push their own comfort zones, while still being themselves.


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Grab the Con Hunley/Mic Harrison and the High Score digital split 7" on Bandcamp.

Splash image of Mic Harrison and the High Score by by Annie Clark-Rankin.

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