Ruby the RabbitFoot - "Misery" (video) (Premiere)

The charming indie pop/folk of Ruby the RabbitFoot meets the intimate environs of Sofar Sounds' Dallas venue with this performance of "Misery".

Last autumn, PopMatters premiered a video by Ruby the RabbitFoot, a project helmed by singer/songwriter Ruby Kendrick, entitled "Misery". Now, in a stripped-down arrangement of that tune, Ruby the RabbitFoot take to the stage of Sofar Sounds, a gig collective that houses intimate shows around the world. For this performance, the band took to the stage at Sofar Dallas. With only a clean-toned electric guitar and two voices to fill the venue, Ruby the RabbitFoot give a tender performance that highlights the intimacy of the space.

Ruby tells PopMatters, "I greatly appreciate how respectful and attentive the audiences are at Sofar Sounds. I've played a few sessions and it's always a wonderful experience.“

Ruby the RabbitFoot's latest album, New As Dew, is out now via Normaltown. In his 7 out of 10 review for PopMatters, Eric Risch writes, "Be it a stroke of good luck or artistic focus, Kendrick has chosen—and now earned—a worthy moniker."

For more Sofar performances, see PopMatters' premieres of Young Rebel Set (London), Little Comets (Philadelphia), and Dry the River (New York).

Splash and thumbnail images by William Neal.

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