HBO Teases the Second Season of 'True Detective'

HBO's got big shoes to fill following the successful first season of True Detective. Based on its first teaser, the show continues to have promise.

With iconic performances by both Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, the first season of True Detective is another trophy on HBO's ever-prestigious mantle of dramatic storytelling. Understandably, once it was made clear that each successive season of the program would switch out the main cast, there was trepidation as to whether or not HBO could replicate the first season's strengths.

There still isn't much to go off of, even when the second season's first teaser, which you can view below, is factored in. Colin Farrell is great casting, as he's shown his ability to deal with morally bleak subject matter in films such as In Bruges. Rachel McAdams is also an excellent choice. However, while Vince Vaughan got his start in dramatic acting, over the past decade he's become the staple of the bro comedy, a trend that has run up to as recently as this year's crudeball affiar Unfinished Business. His casting here is no doubt attention-grabbing, but judgment will have to be reserved until the second season debut of this murky detective serial kicks off this summer.

Season two of True Detective debuts on HBO on Sunday, 21 June.

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