Amy Schumer Parodies ‘Friday Night Lights’ and Skewers Rape Culture in “Football Town Nights”

The excellent third season of Inside Amy Schumer features this gut-bustingly funny segment that exposes the absurdity of rape apologia.

Having already taken her sharp brand of comedy to the issues of unjust standards on women in Hollywood and the odd obsession with rear ends in popular culture, comedian and writer Amy Schumer’s latest sketch for the third season of Inside Amy Schumer tackles an issue of grave importance: rape culture. In a spot-on Friday Night Lights parody entitled “Football Town Nights”, she accurately satirizes the moral back-asswardness of rape apologia, in addition to the aggression inherent to the “football first” mentality. She also drinks enough Chardonnay to keep Charles Shaw in business by herself.

Inside Amy Schumer airs on Comedy Central.