Trevor Noah Is Already Proving a Curious Presence on ‘The Daily Show’ (video)

With his interruption of a pre-taped bit featuring Hasan Minhaj, South African comic Trevor Noah set an odd tone in a recent Daily Show episode.

Upon being announced as Jon Stewart’s successor as the host of The Daily Show, Comedy Central’s flagship “fake news” series, Trevor Noah found himself at the center public scrutiny. In particular, a collection of old Tweets that exhibit sexist and anti-Semitic humor were called out, leading to a reprisal of the eternal “PC versus comedy” debate.

In the midst of this criticism, Noah returned to The Daily Show in a rather bizarre fashion. During one pre-taped segment of the program’s 28 April episode, Noah came in and began interrupting correspondent Hasan Minhaj as he was interviewing Christine Leonard, the Executive Director of the Coalition for Public Safety. This bit was a one-and-done deal, never referenced throughout the remainder of the sketch. Whether this was a subtle bit of commentary on Noah’s new role or just a strange in-joke we’re not privy to is unclear.

Watch the segment below and make your determination:

Stewart’s last day on The Daily Show will be 6 August. When Noah will fill in has not yet been announced.