Uncle Lucius - "Don't Own the Right" (audio) (Premiere)

Honky-tonk piano and reflective lyrics highlight the stellar new track by Austin's own Uncle Lucius.

The Light, the new album by Austin, Texas natives Uncle Lucius, has been described as occupied with the "themes of travel, movement, and quests without destinations." The tune "Don't Own the Right", however, features a message that you can and indeed should carry with you no matter where you travel to, no matter your destination. Over a honky-tonk piano and countrified guitar playing, frontman Kevin Galloway spins lyrical threads about the importance of being honest about one's own standards for himself and others.

Galloway tells PopMatters, "Simple, straightforward and earnest declaration that people will be who they are and that we have no right to judge. Everyone has the capacity to be wrong or right. Wrong and right are always relative. Sometimes, we fall into one category or the other. This song is about not being hypocritical and not being so hard on ourselves no matter which side of the line we happen to be on.

"This tune was partly written five or six years ago, but never made the cut on previous albums because we weren't sure there was much there. Mike suggested we give it another try for this album. After I rewrote the second verse and the bridge and the band worked out a quirky transition into the bridge,we felt we had something to work with. Also note that we doubled my vocal on the bridge. The background vocals were an experiment thrown in at the end by Jon, Josh and myself at the behest of George [Reiff, producer]. This one is definitely an earworm.”

The Light is out via Boo Clap/Thirty Tigers on 9 June.

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