Surf City: Jekyll Island

As its title implies, there's a battle of personalities raging on Jekyll Island.
Surf City
Jekyll Island

As its title implies, there’s a battle raging on Jekyll Island, the third full-length from Kiwi psychgaze foursome Surf City. Opener “Beat the Summer Heat” practically shimmers on the pavement, a loping groove and Davin Stoddard’s mantra-like vocals summoning a beer koozy and beach chair. Properly chillaxed, the boys then go from Jekyll to Hyde and reveal their pop chops (and Britrock knowledge) with a handful of winning, Johnny-Marr-by-way-of-Felt janglers – “Spec City”, “Hollow Veins”, “One Too Many Things”, and the winking, penultimate track, “The End”.

They also know their way around fuzzed-out drone flights through the cosmos — “What They Need”, “Jekyll Island (and the Psycosphere)” (which almost lives up to its title), and the closing, Tame Impala-kid bro take “Jesus Elvis Coca Cola”. And damned if both sides of this band don’t find a way to peacefully co-exist on Jekyll Island. Though he’s nowhere near New Zealand, Robert Louis Stevenson raises a pint.

RATING 7 / 10
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