Bernard + Edith - "WURDS (Samaris Remix)" (audio) (Premiere)

Icelandic electronic outfit Samaris give their unique spin on the tune "WURDS" by the up-and-coming Mancunian outfit Bernard + Edith.

Earlier this week, the Manchester-based duo of Bernard + Edith had their debut LP, Jem, released in the United States. Already, other artists have found the young group's music ripe for interpretation, as the remix you can stream below evinces. This remix, done by the Icelandic electronic trio Samaris, removes the original vocal from Bernard + Edith's tune "WURDS", stripping it down to a pulsating electronic instrumental that's ideal for the darkest hours of the night. In changing what began initially as a somewhat dramatic song into a moody and pensive little number, Samaris highlight both their own creativity and the strength of the material that they were working with.

Bernard + Edith tell PopMatters, "Samaris are one of our favorite new bands and we tried our chances at asking them to remix 'WURDS' and they accepted. We feel that Samaris have a unique and special sound which stands out from other music of our time."

Jem is out now via Bella Union (iTunes).

Watch the music video for the album version of "WURDS":

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