Teenage Wrist - "Summer" (audio) (Premiere) + EP Announcement

Shoegaze vocals, alt-rock distortion, and post-rock guitars come together on "Summer", a track by the new collaborative group Teenage Wrist, featuring members of Chain Gang of 1974 and Swing Hero.

Comprised of Marshall Gallagher (Swing Hero), Kamtin Mohager (Chain Gang of 1974), and Anthony Salazar, Teenage Wrist is an up-and-coming side project that's already got an EP of tunes ready to share. That EP, Dazed will be out next week; it features six songs, one of which you can stream exclusively here at PopMatters.

"Summer" may seem straightforward on the surface, but it has multiple different components that elevate it from its ostensible indie rock surface. Although the guitars bring mid-'00s alt-rock to mind, when paired with the vocals -- whose layered production brings shoegaze to mind -- there's a nice textural juxtaposition between smoothness and harshness. There's also a nice and brief clean guitar break mid-way through the tune, whose tone brings to mind the post-rock of Explosions in the Sky.

Gallagher says to PopMatters, "The song is about a relationship falling apart as a result of touring and constant self-destruction. Most of the lyrical content on the rest of the record describes different situations within that larger story, so it fits nicely at the end as a title track."

Dazed EP is out on 19 May.

Dazed EP

01. Outside Of Love

02. Afterglow

03. Slide Away

04. Bloom

05. Mirror Talk

06. Summer

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