Peach Kelli Pop: III

For round three, Peach Kelli Pop’s Allie Hanlon enlists the help of a few friends to flesh out her sugary sweet pop confections.

Peach Kelli Pop


Label: Burger
US Release Date: 2015-05-12
UK Release Date: 2015-05-11

A frantic, sugar-buzzed blast of bubblegum guitar pop, Peach Kelli Pop’s latest offering features 10 songs in just more than 20 minutes, nearly all of which have borderline absurd levels of ear-worm potential. Building upon the sound of her previous two releases, Allie Hanlon forgoes the solo route and enlists a few like-minded pals to help add a level of greater depth and fidelity. It’s an effective move that ultimately pays off, injecting new life and fresh ideas into a concept that could very easily become stale.

From opening track “Princess Castle 1987” through the closing “Please Come Home”, Hanlon and company fly through a series of lightweight, at times comedic themes (getting shampoo in one’s eyes, going to a nude beach, Sailor Moon, young love, etc.) that, as the project’s moniker would suggest, refuse to take themselves too seriously. All in all, III serves as an ideal introduction into Peach Kelli Pop’s world of sugary-sweet, hook-laden surf-punk garage pop. And at 20 minutes, it’s neither too short nor too long, instead finding a perfect sweet spot without falling into diabetes-inducing levels of saccharine pop cutesiness.

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