Lauer: Borndom

A perfect fit for the Permanent Vacation label, Lauer forges ahead at full steam.
Permanent Vacation

German DJ Lauer picks up on his Permanent Vacation singles with Borndom, his second long-player. Save for three tracks, the sound of Borndom falls somewhere between instrumental techno and synth-pop with no words. The three tracks that feature vocals, Jasnau singing one and Ela contributing to two, don’t come across as any great enhancement. Lauer, to his credit, shows off a delicate knack for this kind of electronica, where there are just enough of those little elements to hold a non-dancing listener’s attention without altering the atmosphere for the listener who is dancing. Among the highlights are the propulsive and groovy “Hump Acid” and the ridiculously catchy “Gammelan”, the latter of which can get lodged in your head and make your toes tap.

RATING 6 / 10