Svoy - "Waiting for You" (audio) (Premiere)

Photo: Shervin Lainez

Metallic electronica drums meet dark symphonic composition in the sixth movement of New York City-by-way-of-Russia musician Svoy's Symphony No. 1: What Happened When I Was Asleep.

Don't let the title of Russian-born, New York City-based composer Svoy's latest outing, Symphony No. 1: What Happened When I Was Asleep, fool you. Although symphonic elements are predominant throughout the recording, this isn't anything one would file alongside Beethoven or Mozart in a CD shelf. Melding together experimental electronic, breakbeat, ambient, and neoclassical into a brainy whole, Svoy's Symphony is a brooding and knotty piece of music, one whose serpentine flow evades easy comprehension.

Below you can stream "Waiting for You", the sixth "movement" of this uncommon symphony.

Svoy tells PopMatters about the piece: "'Waiting for You' is an abstract piece with quite a bit of longing. There is fear of the unknown, the inevitable, however, one might experience as much apprehension and anguish as tranquility and stillness while listening to it. And jus like life itself, it is rapid."

Symphony No. 1: What Happened When I Was Asleep is being self-released by Svoy on 23 June.

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