Axwell /\ Ingrosso Move on From the End of Swedish House Mafia to Festival Glory (video)

Swedish House Mafia may have unplugged the turntables back in 2013, but members Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso haven't stopped raising the roof at festivals worldwide, as these recent video performances from Coachella and Ultra attest.

Following their "One Last Tour" in 2013, Swedish House Mafia disbanded. Although that group no doubt gave members Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso the profile they have today, the end of the band didn't mean the end of Axwell and Ingrosso's contributions to electronic music.

In the player below, you can watch a mini-documentary that frames Axwell and Ingrosso's musical journey following the dissolution of Swedish House Mafia. Together, the two now perform as a duo with the stylized name Axwell /\ Ingrosso. That mini-doc is featured in addition to three performances: a secret show in New York City and two festival gigs, one at Coachella and the other at Ultra.

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