Jeremy Pinnell - "Big Bright World" (audio) (Premiere)

With "Big Bright World", country songwriter Jeremy Pinnell sings about the time that he came back from the dead.

Sorrow and loss are deeply woven into the country music fabric, but they're especially critical elements to the new LP by Jeremy Pinnell, OH/KY. With a gruff voice and a strong grasp on what real country sounds like, Pinnell spins a series of compelling yarns on the album that document the hardships of the past 18 years of his life, from drug addiction to failed relationships. On the cut "Big Bright World", Pinnell takes the former head-on, singing, "I love the needle, son / And the needle loves me / It wants nobody to be free." As Pinnell puts it in describing OH/KY, "You live the life I live, and you will know the way that country sounds." Fortunately, as "Big Bright World" attests, Pinnell's life isn't all loss: "I'm lucky to be in this big bright world", he sings.

OH/KY received a limited Kentucky/Ohio release back in 2014, and is now seeing its national United States release this summer. In his 7 out of 10 review of the album for its limited release in 2014 for PopMatters, Eric Risch calls these tunes "a tutorial on classic country music".

Pinnell tells PopMatters a bit about the lyrics to the song, "I don't think people understand that I was dead, so there's a level of gratitude that comes with waking up and seeing my son and my family and feeling so rich."

OH/KY is out on 24 July via Sofaburn Records.

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