The Sideshow Tragedy: Capital

Capital is a strong display of thinkers' rock and roll, with deep resonator grooves accentuated by lyricism encapsulating universal worry.
The Sideshow Tragedy
Old Soul

Nathan Singleton and Jeremy Harrell had a different vision for Capital in mind than previous Sideshow Tragedy albums, delving into near concept album territory but never quite with bare-boned instrumental intensity, highlighting the brutal delivery of lyrics close to themes regarding current political issues without falling into the same old cut-and-dry tropes which more stereotypical punk bands would be more than happy to put out. Instead, the duo keeps cold and composed, bringing listeners across a contemplative journey regarding the universal calamity brought about by war crimes, poverty, and other facets of society that are ailing humanity’s core.

Throughout, Singleton remains on-point with what guitar work is present on the album, working his resonator into a deep groove as Harrell carries the beat at a steady pace – the glue that holds the LP’s purely sonic qualities together. Also notable is Singleton’s vocal work here, in which he grapples with the aforementioned themes with an introspective fire, keeping Capital a strong display of thinkers’ rock and roll.

RATING 7 / 10