KiND - "Run Wild" (audio) (Premiere)

Summery synth sounds meet a "Fresh Prince of Bel Air-esque bassline" on "Run Wild", the new single by the Nashville indie pop outfit KiND.

With June now having kicked off, some will undoubtedly begin speculating as to what the "song of the summer" will be. While it would be premature to make any definitive calls this early on, the Nashville indie electro-pop outfit certainly have cause to throw the hat in the ring with their latest tune "Run Wild", which features on their forthcoming Eunoia LP. Stream the track exclusively below.

KiND member Gabrahm Vitek tells PopMatters, "It was a cold rainy day February 2014. Drummer/producer Scottyshy of KiND was excited about this breezy groove he’d put down the night before. I headed over to the studio and was digging the warm vibes of the drums and synth patch Scott had going. I ended up cutting up and decorating some of the synth lines. Brady and I added a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air-esque bassline. We were feeling good about it, and soon as Anthony and Robert laid the horn parts, we knew ‘Run Wild’ would be a single contender. The crowd always loses their composure live when the horns drop in the bridge."

Eunoia is out on 9 June. The album was partially funded through an IndieGoGo campaign.

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