John Newman – “Come and Get It” (video)

UK neo-soul crooner John Newman flashes off his skill in crafting a huge pop chorus with his latest single "Come and Get It".

In writing about John Newman for PopMatters‘ “Best New and Emerging Artists 2013“, Colin McGuire claims, “If 2013 was the year… Newman broke through into a good bit of Europe’s broken hearts, 2014 ought to be the year the western world takes notice. The guy is a master at writing songs that beg to be played in arenas, and [debut album] Tribute, if nothing else, proves that the artist behind them is certainly worthy of the stage.” If you haven’t discovered Newman’s anthemic and infectious music — “Love Me Again” truly is the definition of the latter — then there’s no time better than the present, as Newman has just dropped a new single, “Come and Get It”. Unsurprisingly for the young (soon to turn 25) musician, the chorus is positively huge, and catchy in a near undeniable way.

Newman is working on a followup to Tribute; there is currently no word on when it will be released.