Brooklynn - "Life Between the Groove" (audio) (Premiere)

Featuring dual English and Spanish language versions, Brooklynn's funky "Life Between the Groove" is a danceable tune with socially incisive lyrics.

On the surface, "Life Between the Grooves", the latest single by the Atlanta-based chanteuse Brooklynn, is an exceptionally catchy, '70s disco funk-heavy jam -- and that, it certainly is. However, there's more to this "Groove" than one might initially let on, particularly in the track's lyrics. There's a meaning behind this danceable jam.

Brooklynn explains this meaning to PopMatters, "I have witnessed first hand the bitterness some people ignorantly show toward immigrants, so I just wanted to shine a ray of positivity and hope on the matter. 'Life Between the Groove' is being stuck in the groove of Big Brother's shoe. The song is meant to shed light on the current surveillance and guarded border state of our world. Until you know what someone goes through, we should exercise compassion and empathy."

English version of "Life Between the Groove":

English and Spanish version of "Life Between the Groove":

"Life Between the Groove" is out via Institution Records.





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