Chris London - "Stare" (audio) (Premiere)

Barrom confessionals, soul, and Michael Jackson-esque vocals meet on Chris London's captivating "Stare".

If BIlly Joel had fallen in love with soul instead of rock 'n' roll before becoming the genre's resident piano man, he might have ended up sounding something like New York City singer Chris London. With vocals that bring Michael Jackson to mind, London lets his tenor soar on his new single "Stare", which displays a strong know-how of dynamic building on London's part. Beginning as a tender piano and voice tune, "Stare" then develops into a powerhouse of a bridge, with a Brian May-esque guitar solo and chanted vocals heightening the personal drama of the song. It's easy to imagine London belting this one out at a late night New York barroom, hunched over the piano with a few gin and tonics (that's right, not "tonic and gin") in his system.

London says to PopMatters about the song, "Sometimes the person that you love the most, is the person that you need to let go of. This song encapsulate that struggle we sometimes go through as humans to find a healthy balance in what can sometimes be a completely unhealthy situation. Do I hold on to someone, even though the effort exhausted can be overwhelming? Or do I let go of someone, and risk never feeling love like that again?"

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