Teen Men - "Kids Being Kids" (video) (Premiere)

Photo: Jessica Scarane

Delaware indie poppers Teen Men dive into the world of 8-bit videogaming with their latest music video, "Kids Being Kids".

Last week, PopMatters premiered the self-titled album by the Delaware outfit Teen Men; you can still stream the entire thing here on the site. Although that LP is plenty colorful on its own, now there is some additional visual accompaniment to bring the music even more to life, in the form of the new music video for the Teen Men number "Kids Being Kids". Whether you're bobbing your head along to the bassline or tracking along the side-scrolling videogame, there's definitely plenty that is interesting for the ears and eyes.

Teen Men member Albert Birney, who also directed the video for "Kids Being Kids", tells PopMatters, "The idea for this video came when a friend sent me a link where you can play hundreds of old atari and computer games online. I love the simplicity of these old games. I think the fewer amounts of pixels in a game, the more you have to use your imagination to fill in the gaps. Or maybe I like them just because these are the games I played when I was a kid. Anyway, as I was playing these old games online I thought it would be interesting to explore what happens when a computer character previously known to be a total sleaze has to get his act together and become a good man. This character is walking for most of the video, trying to catch up with his girlfriend or wife. I liked the idea of subtly changing the landscape around him as he walks and highlighting the lyrics and the back and forth conversation going on between the couple."

Teen Men is out now on CD/digital and on 14 June on vinyl through the Bar/None label.

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