Bryan Lee Brown - "Many Branches" (from Foo Fighters' 'Sonic Highways') (audio) (Premiere)

Hear an exclusive track from Bryan Lee Brown's score to the Foo Fighters HBO documentary Sonic Highways, "Many Branches", a week before its release.

Last year, HBO aired the eight-part documentary miniseries Sonic Highways, which features Foo Fighters traveling around the country, recording music in eight different cities as part of a grand "love letter to the history of American music". The band also released a companion album of the same name, which contains the songs they wrote on their eight-city adventure.

Foo Fighters weren't the only ones making music for Sonic Highways, however. Bryan Lee Brown, a friend of Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, wrote a score for the HBO miniseries. Brown was certainly up to the task, given his background in ambient music under the name Dark Brown. The soundtrack to Sonic Highways will see its proper release next week, but before then, you can stream the track "Many Branches" below.

Brown gives "Many Branches" some context for PopMatters: "'Many Branches' was composed for a scene in the DC episode featuring author and activist Mark Anderson. Mark was talking about DC punk scene impacted other cities throughout the US. The track is optimistic, a little melancholy, and features almost all acoustic instrumentation. I'm really happy with the way it came out."

Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways OST is out on 16 June via Memory Bulldozer (iTunes pre-order).

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